Memorial Day Weekend

On this solemn Memorial Day, we take the time to reflect on the high price paid by the service members of the United States. Since the first “Decoration Day”, established in 1868, Memorial Day was to take the time to strew the graves of those who had fallen in defense of our country because they lie beneath the ground in every town, city, village and churchyard. As a veteran, who married into a military family, we now have a son who is proudly serving on active duty today. As you gather with friends and family, please take a moment to reflect on their sacrifices, and those of their families. Let us begin to work to bring this country back together, to work for the common good of all, so that the blood these patriots have shed will not be in vain.

I will be over in Wrightsville for the Memorial Day Parade, sponsored by the American Legion Post 469, Monday, May 28th at 1pm. Please feel free to attend, to honor those who gave the ultimate price.

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