Small Business Owner, Education Activist, Veteran 🇺🇸


Judith speaks to the crowd at the York Reproductive Rights Protest organized by James Harvey on 7/13/2022.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V Wade is a devastating setback to reproductive rights. I am angry but ready to take on this battle again. I was around for the last fight in 1973 and am here to fight again. My opponent celebrates this reversal and has already taken action to restrict access to abortion in the Commonwealth.

Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill has cosponsored legislation to ban abortions in Pennsylvania through a constitutional amendment. I am asking for your vote so we can make sure that the amendment never passes. It starts with reproductive rights, but it will not end there — The extreme ideologues can revoke LGBTQ+ rights, access to contraception, and the progress made in the past century if we don’t show up and VOTE!

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