Meet Judith McCormick Higgins EdD

For over thirty years, Judith McCormick Higgins EdD has lived in Lower Windsor Township, York County, Pennsylvania. She is a proud Air Force Veteran. She is the wife of fellow Air Force Veteran and current Commercial Pilot Kevin Higgins and the mother of three adult children, Joshua McCormick, Sean Higgins, and Ryan Higgins. She is also the proud grandmother of three grandchildren, Aden, Matthew, and Emma.

Judith’s focus has always been on empowering others through professional development and education. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and Master of Human Resources Management at the University of Houston. Early in her career, what drove her was her desire to help others reach their full potential by directing them to their strengths and assisting them in achieving their goals.

Judith served on the Eastern York School Board for seventeen years, from August 1994 to November 2011. She also served on the Lincoln Intermediate Unit School Board from February 2003 to December 2011. During that time, she served as Board President and on the Policy, Negotiations, and Personnel Committees. Judith earned her Doctorate in Adult Education from Pennsylvania State University in 2005. Her dissertation, FINDING OUR WAY: WOMEN’S LIVED EXPERIENCES LEADING TO THE LEGISLATURES OF PENNSYLVANIA AND MARYLAND, aimed to understand the meanings that individual elected women in Pennsylvania and Maryland’s legislatures give to their lived experiences. On their pathway through life, these life events lead them to overcome recognized and documented barriers and maximize opportunities to decide to run for the state legislature.

Judith retired from her position as Adjunct Instructor at Penn State York in 2018. She is the owner of a small jewelry business, J’s Inspired Jewelry, and her work consists of casting custom pewter pieces for retail sales. She continues to advocate for causes related to education and workforce development.