The Priority Pyramid

Our top three issues are Education, Environment, and Infrastructure. As a retired educator, I believe that the foundation for everything comes from a quality education. I support increasing public education funding and a transition towards making two-year degrees, including skilled labor, tuition-free for those whose families earn less than $100,000 annually. I believe this will make Pennsylvanians more competitive as our labor market needs have changed, and making further education more accessible will help meet those ever-changing demands. We should empower our people to rise to these new challenges.

PennEnvironment’s “Trouble in the Air” report shows Lancaster had 107 unhealthy air days in 2020, while Harrisburg had 97 and Reading had 82. These are troubling statistics, but there are actions we can take to preserve our environment for generations to come. We need to empower our people to pivot to clean energy. As Education is the foundation of our campaign’s platform, I will support legislation that aids in bridging the gap between educational training and our hard-working people. Many people whose jobs are becoming obsolete, such as in fossil fuel, are left to find their next position with minimal resources to transition their talents into a new field. Providing the training they desire can empower them to help us tackle the environmental challenges that impact all of us.

Last, but certainly not least, is Pennsylvania’s Infrastructure. I will fight to make our bridges and roads safer and ensure that every Pennsylvania resident, including in our rural areas, has access to high-speed internet. Improving our Infrastructure includes saving our bridges, fixing our roads, and expanding our broadband to make Pennsylvania competitive.