Father’s Day

Pictured Above: My father in law (Bernard Higgins) with my son (Sean Higgins)

Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to the men who stepped up to be a role model, gave a guiding hand, offered a word of advice, a caring shoulder, or a hearty congratulation to those young people who looked up to them. Some of these men were biological parents, some were step parents, some were grandfathers, uncles, neighbors. Some have passed and some are still here. Regardless, they reached out to children who needed love 💗. I send my best to those men, as well as to my own husband, Kevin, my father-in-law, Bernard Higgins, and to my son, Sean Higgins (father to our three grandchildren). Happy Father’s Day to all‼️

Pictured Above: My husband (Kevin Higgins) and I.

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