5/22/22 – We Won’t Go Back Rally at Continental Square in York, PA.

From left to right: Blade Kline, Judith Higgins, Shane Coolbaugh, and Sarah Hammond.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V Wade is a devastating blow to women’s reproductive rights. I am infuriated. The ruling doesn’t reflect the public’s position on abortion. I was around for the last fight, and I am here to fight again. Returning the power to each state to decide whether or not a woman can make the best decision for her is terrifying — especially for Pennsylvanian women. 

My opponent, Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill, has cosponsored legislation restricting women’s reproductive rights. We must fight to elect candidates supporting a woman’s right to choose. I am proudly pro-choice and will do everything I can to make sure Pennsylvania remains a state that has a safe, accessible abortion.

However, I will need your vote in November to help protect these fundamental rights. It starts with Abortion Rights, but it will not end there — The extreme ideologues can revoke LGBTQ+ rights, access to contraception, and the progress made in the past century if we don’t show up and VOTE!